Autism Waiver

Pennsylvania Adult Autism Waiver

KaleidAScope has been a provider for the Pennsylvania Adult Autism Waiver since 2009. Within the waiver we currently provide Community Inclusion services, Individual and Family therapy services, Crisis services, and Behavioral Support services. In the last six years we have seen the benefits of this program help a number of individuals.

Like watching a flower bloom, we have seen participants go from isolation and minimal social contact to volunteering, engaging in the community, getting jobs and some who have started living independently for the first time. These services have helped with self-esteem, social skills and a belief that change is possible.  

Community Inclusion

Services provided revolve around Community Inclusion work, which allows the participant to have 1:1 supports for several hours a week within the community. During this time the individual can work on social skills, budgeting, learning to cook, clean and whatever skill is needed to foster independence.

Behavioral supports are added to help with any behaviors or issues that may be keeping the participant from reaching their full potential. Therapy services can enhance the services by insuring the family is actively involved.

The therapist will also work with the individual to increase their understanding of what skills are needed and are given the opportunity to process the change they are embarking on.  

Acceptance into the waiver is handled by the Pa Bureau of Autism and applications are available by calling 1-866-539-7689.