KAS Children Services

School age (K – 12):

Saturday Club is a specialized skills training group that meets on Saturday mornings and focuses on enhancing the social skills of children K - 8th grade in a supportive and fun venue. 

Saturday Club is a group experience for school age children with the goal of having the participants come together with their peers to have fun, learn social cognitive reasoning, coping skills and functional daily activities. The curriculum is based on “Think Social: A Social thinking curriculum for School- Age Students” by Michelle Garcia Winner  www.socialthinking.com

Entrance into Saturday club starts with an individual intake and assessment of strengths and needs to assess compatibility with the available group. Sometimes a child is not ready for a group experience and will need individual skill work beforehand. Consultation and individual support can be provided consecutively upon request.

Throughout the school year KAS offers a teen group for students in grades 9 – 12, specializing in social skills training and emotional regulation. The group provides comprehensive lessons that may cover internet safety, communication skills, navigating the social world, understanding one’s own unique profile, and recognizing and managing internal emotional states.

Individual and family counseling are also available. We also provide evaluation and testing. 

These services are billable through insurance.