Questions to Consider

It is mid-June, graduation is done, now what? Are you prepared for this question? Have you spent the time to think about what your options are and how you can achieve your goals? Do your goals match your abilities? What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?  

These are all questions that need to be addressed long before graduation from high school. Change and transitioning are difficult for individuals on the spectrum, regardless of what that change is.  

Preparation is Key

Parents have learned that the best way to have success when their child has to adjust to a new situation is to prepare them in advance and to give them the knowledge they need. The same is true for entering the world of adulthood. Preparation for leaving high school should start when they enter high school.

Children entering adulthood need to learn the skills necessary to succeed from having appropriate grooming to being able to ask questions, shake hands, follow directions, anticipate problems and make plans.

The Future is Bright

Many individuals on the spectrum have a passion, can this passion be molded into attainable job options? To sum it up, a lot of work needs done to help prepare these young adults to take the next step in life.

Our focus is to make the future look hopeful rather than dreaded, feared, and unproductive.