Young Adults

Find Your Way

Finding your way after High School/College can seem overwhelming. Your dreams and goals may feel unobtainable. Becoming an independent adult is difficult in our economy for anyone.

For individuals with ASD, deficits in Executive Functioning, can make independence an elusive goal. Executive Functioning refers to an individual’s ability to plan, organize and execute activities.

Some functioning areas that this may impact include:

  • Emotional control (managing emotions in a variety of situations), 
  • Flexibility (being able to change plans and adapt to changing situations),
  • Time Management (allocating time to accomplish tasks),
  • Organization skills (ability to keep track of information/items)
  • Planning/initiating (making a plan to do something and starting that plan).

We help individuals work on these areas through individual therapy, social skill training and a young adult group. This group is comprised of individuals that are having difficulty launching their life.

Topics include:

  • Driving
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Employment skills
  • Independence skills 
  • And more!

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